As Christmas approaches, the local community will once again be looking to join together to celebrate by taking part in carol concerts or attending the atmospheric Midnight Mass and other Christmas services in the Minster.

Very sadly it is looking increasingly likely that much of this will not prove possible this year in view of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. Rest assured that The Revd Canon Andrew Rowland and his team will be doing what they can to set up a Happy Christmas in the Minster.

As Andrew Curtis, Chair of the Wimborne Minster Makes Music Appeal Committee, said: “As we approach the season of goodwill most of us enjoy traditional festive music including Christmas carols because they are very much part of the precious time spent with families, friends, and colleagues”.

Just as soon as it is able to the appeal will continue seeking the assistance of fundraising trusts and will be asking for the support of the town, schools and businesses as well as other neighbouring towns in rural Dorset. The overriding aim of the appeal is to keep the sound of music firmly in Wimborne Minster and at the heart of its vibrant community.

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