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Broad objectives of the Music Foundation:

  • Rebuild and develop music in the Minster, communicate the musical heritage to the congregation and the community, and develop links with local schools
  • Develop the sizes and abilities of the Minster choirs, seek to involve younger people who might include young adults, teenagers, and junior choirs, and offer choral and organ scholarships as an essential element in this
  • Provide an activity for young people that is educational, social, and spiritual that will enable them to benefit to the full from the post-Covid landscape
  • Establish regular programmes of choral concerts and organ recitals, and a range of other musical performances

Romsey Singers who sang Evensong In the Minster.
Photo courtesy of D.P. Litherland

Organ Lesson. Photo courtesy B. Dopiter.

Encourage choristers and organ players:

  • To work with the Salisbury Diocese PipeUp scheme which seeks to attract young people to have organ lessons and invites them, with their parents, to regular open mornings to play church organs around the diocese.
  • Offer singing lessons to young choristers to encourage their continuing development
  • Set up and run workshops and education programmes on choral and organ music, offering one to one tuition
  • Provide improved rehearsal facilities for the choirs with a better backstage environment
  • Retain and involve more of the young leavers from the choirs eventually as a separate group, and support and encourage them; once recruitment into the main choirs is going well a younger age feeder group will be established


  •  Local schools will be an important element in the development of music in the Minster for these reasons:
  • Access to schools as a performance venue is very important
  • The developments described above will encourage greater outreach into schools and offer their pupils this experience
  • In short we will provide schools and their pupils with outstanding opportunities to benefit from interest and involvement in music of this calibre

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